A photo that president tweeted to 64 million followers could help U.S. adversaries determine details of U.S. surveillance capabilities, experts warned.
In an interview with CBS, the attorney general talked about his investigation into whether Obama officials illegally surveilled the Trump campaign in 2016.
The former president, the Justice Department and the FBI have all vigorously denied any such activities occurred.
Maria Butina will admit to being a Russian spy in exchange for leniency. Prosecutors say she infiltrated prominent conservative groups, including the National Rifle Association.
Several insiders told The New York Times that the president is well aware of this habit's risks.
The TSA has been spying on air travelers, even if they aren’t suspected criminals or on terror watch lists.
Ron Rockwell Hansen is accused of trying to transmit national defense information to China.
Moscow is kicking out American diplomats in a tit-for-tat response to the U.S. reaction to the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the U.K.
President Trump’s Senior Adviser and son-in-law has been stripped of his top secret security clearance. The downgrade coincides with reports that foreign spies singled him out for manipulation because of his inexperience and business dealings.
He lost his top secret security clearance and according to WaPo, foreign spies singled out him out for manipulation.
It’s fueled conspiracy theories and sci-fi shows for decades. But what’s the truth behind the top secret, heavily-guarded air force base in the middle of the Nevada desert?
Snowden is a helluva movie, kicking an audience's ass on a number of levels. I had a chance to see the film at a preview event; it opens everywhere on September 16. Go see it.
We need Snowden in America - for many good reasons. For those who see him as an enemy, we have always been taught to keep our enemies close to us and there is no logic to be found in forcing him into unsavory hands far from home.
By Kaveh Waddell City dwellers spend nearly every moment of every day awash in Wi-Fi signals. Homes, streets, businesses
This is his story. And so he began to provide information and the Israelis set up a system to make Xerox copies of documents
Opponents said it threatened civil liberties and did little to improve national security.
The F.B.I. has introduced an interactive online program called "Don't Be a Puppet" for teachers and students to help them identify potential violent extremists.
Deception detection technology has changed. It's accurate, less intrusive, and efficient. Governments and private companies
Perhaps the most notorious perpetrators of unwarranted spying on Americans is the New York Police Department (NYPD), which continues to establish questionable counter-terrorism and counterintelligence units to spy on New Yorkers despite being repeatedly sued over it.