The Handbook's history of this worker movement is fascinating in and of itself. For example, the financing of worker housing
In the last five years we have also seen a greater focus on this issue by regulators with a trend for putting responsibility
"People are the cornerstones of social movements," Green underscored when we spoke. "The more people pay attention to the
Looking again at the boy with half-up pants and his well-suited dad, I smiled. They were talking. Having coffee together. Sharing something on an iPhone. Relating. Connecting.
Why do companies with gender diverse boards perform better? As the portfolio manager of a strategy which seeks to benefit
“When we were thinking about what the next generation of assistants would be, we said, ‘Let’s take Siri and add context to
Siri was a big splash when she debuted on the Apple 4, but she was originally designed to do far more than she does now. What can we expect from the virtual assistant?
"AN ARTIFICIALLY-INTELLIGENT ORPHAN" Siri was able to map the contents of a question onto a domain of potential actions, then
At least sixty years of investors boycotting the gun trade has yielded zero result. In fact, SRI activism works best when rewarding companies that care about being good, whose products sustain life rather than take it.
The risk of what might happen in terms of fossil fuel liability for climate disasters could start to dissuade investors, especially with students and grumpy green grandparents taking to the streets.