sri sri ravi shankar

Originally published in the Official Nobel Summit Magazine by Real Leaders Authored by Johann Berlin, CEO TLEX Institute
Inspired by Sri Sri's example of selfless service, and because I had found so much relief from his breathing technique Sudarshan
When asked by Dr. Rick Herrmann, the chair of the Political Science Department at Ohio State University, whether Sri Sri
Perfection exists as construct in the mind. True perfection is a tranquil, equanimous mind in the face of challenges. Inner perfection comes naturally when we leave room for imperfection.
It is so wonderful to see how Yoga - 5000 years old science and philosophy of living from India has crossed all the borders uniting people world over in the spirit of celebration and inclusivity. Yoga is truly for EVERYBODY!
Two thousand sixteen is more than an election year, it's a critical moment for Americans as we chart the future trajectory of our country and decide: What kind of country do we want? If we want a safe, peaceful country that continues to model democracy and egalitarianism for the rest of the world, then we need to take steps to ensure that happens.
"Like a flower bud, human life has the potential to blossom fully. Blossoming of human potential to fullness is Yoga." -- Yoga
Sri Sri is most commonly known as a spiritual guru to millions of people around the world. While his work is extensive, at present, his fame is mostly in his peace-building work. He has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times.
When we are caught up in our goals, expectations, or desired outcomes, we become lost in a future that may never be realized. Freshness and dynamism can arise when we are 100 percent in our action in the present moment.
Louis Gagnon journeyed to India to share the power of mindful leadership.
Rivers have been the lifeblood of India for centuries, nourishing the bodies of its people and the soil of its lands.
If it was reported that 50,000 kids in Mexico were at the brink of the biggest intervention the Mexican government has ever undertaken to turn around hopelessness, despair, addiction and enslavement to a culture of drugs amongst youth -- would that make a compelling headline?
My own relationship with my traditions and culture has been the subject of much personal reflection. However in recent years
that our consciousness can change the physical world around us by altering the energetic field. To join World Culture Festival
Not only will the large gathering of people create hype, but it is believed that this gathering could have a healing effect
Silence is the mother of creativity. Silence enhances our perception, understanding and helps deeper assimilation of new ideas.