sri sri ravi shankar

As the CEO of TLEX Institute, a leadership institute that trains leaders from global agencies, Fortune 100 companies and
Third, when teaching concepts and techniques within a tradition that is built on the underlying concept of one-ness and unity
His ability to stay centered as he tends to the smallest of issues and the largest of catastrophes astounds me. One of his
It is so wonderful to see how Yoga - 5000 years old science and philosophy of living from India has crossed all the borders uniting people world over in the spirit of celebration and inclusivity. Yoga is truly for EVERYBODY!
Two thousand sixteen is more than an election year, it's a critical moment for Americans as we chart the future trajectory of our country and decide: What kind of country do we want? If we want a safe, peaceful country that continues to model democracy and egalitarianism for the rest of the world, then we need to take steps to ensure that happens.
The Saints and Sages of ancient times evolved and perfected over the centuries a system of self-development and Self-realization
Sri Sri is most commonly known as a spiritual guru to millions of people around the world. While his work is extensive, at present, his fame is mostly in his peace-building work. He has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times.
When we are caught up in our goals, expectations, or desired outcomes, we become lost in a future that may never be realized. Freshness and dynamism can arise when we are 100 percent in our action in the present moment.
Louis Gagnon journeyed to India to share the power of mindful leadership.