"Paul Ryan's staff was involved in crafting the provision for weeks."
Deaf people want to work and they deserve to feel successful. They are tired of enduring the same oppressive practices that the ADA was supposed to protect against.
On the first day of the 114th Congress, the Republicans in the House of Representatives made an unprecedented change to their rules that puts Social Security recipients at risk of receiving unnecessary cuts to their benefits.
The GOP and its allies on the far right have been engaged in a prolonged campaign of hysteria-mongering designed to convince the American people that Social Security's disability insurance program is riddled with fraud.
Getting our nation back on sound financial footing is important for all Americans and we support the efforts to reach a deal despite some hardships it might impose. We are simply trying to remind Congress and the President that this is one program that deserves special attention.
The myth that homeless people make millions or thousands of dollars is a myth of gigantic proportions.