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Yesterday, I left all those luxuries behind. I left my house at 6:00 a.m. for the airport. Eleven hours later, I was sitting
In the late 1800's Josephine Tychson, at age 31, found herself without a husband (tuberculosis & despair took him), with two children, a winery and vineyards. Most women in that day would look for another husband, a partner, to make their lives easier. After all, owning a vineyard, running it, supervising men and raising children simultaneously was something a woman wasn't expected to do.
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Until now reliant on the monthly-odd visits of the RMS St. Helena on her run from and to cape Town, South Africa, this tiny rock's terminal isolation is about to change forever in early 2016.
Having crisscrossed the mountainous interior and multiple microclimates of St. Helena on land there remains one more major trip -- the circumnavigation of one of the world's most remote island.
There are still two hours left for this 'lazy' day before evening sets in and Jamestown's wild nightlife begins, so there's time for a little local hike along the rugged cliff face.
If you could see forever over Earth's curves as you gaze south from this most remote of islands, the next land to meet your eye across the blue swell of the vast South Atlantic would be Antarctica. But as you can't, let's continue our lazy day by turning back from the waterfront, crossing the bridge over the dry moat, and passing through the town gate again.
It's time for a respite from the Napoleoniana and scenic wonders of the mountainous hinterland to watch life stroll by, and to laze about town, if you can call Jamestown a town as it threads its way from the blue South Atlantic through stark cliffs up a narrow, arid ravine.
Before Napoleon went into forced retirement on St. Helena, courtesy of the British and Prussians who kicked his arse at the battle of Waterloo, several other historical figures set foot on this remote rock lost in the South Atlantic, 1,200 miles from Africa and 2,000 miles from Brazil.
When you approach St. Helena from the sea nothing could seem more forbiddingly inhospitable than the jagged cliffs and soaring crags that rise precipitously out of the frothing ocean, impenetrable ramparts that scream 'keep out.'
The remote South Atlantic island of St. Helena is forever linked with the name of Napoleon Bonaparte, the megalomaniacal Corsican-cum-French emperor who was exiled there by the British in 1815.
After two and a half days at sea with nothing but the vast expanse of the sometimes grey, sometimes blue Atlantic tossing out in all directions, a rugged mountainous mass with sharp pointed pinnacles, deep folds and narrow ravines looms out of the dawn haze and clouds, a brilliant yellow sun gilding all.
Once they proudly sailed the seven seas, mighty traveling hotels, carrying both passengers and cargo to the furthest outposts of the British Empire, earning their prestigious title of RMS (Royal Mail Ship) by dint of carrying His or Her Britannic Majesty's mail to his or her farthest-flung subjects.
A 34-square-mile speck of 44 lava, ash and cinder cones lost in the middle of the South Atlantic, eight degrees south of the Equator, 900 miles from Africa and 1,400 miles from South America, it would be harder to find a more remote get-away than Ascension Island.
Don't look down -- or with this view, DO. Make sure to also take the challenging trek up Jacob's Ladder, a 699-step staircase
The wine world includes a lot of small, family-owned producers. Many produce good wines, and a multitude don't. Occasionally, however, the results are outstanding -- truly among the ranks of the region's very best.
How many hamburger stands in the world serve fabulous wines by the bottle and only charge $1.00 for corkage if you bring your own bottle?
(This post is part 2 of 3 for the perfect weekend itinerary...) Day 1: St. Helena/ Rutherford/ Yountville {photo credits