St. Louis County Municipal Courts

Excessive fines drove tensions in Ferguson and nearby towns.
St. Louis County won't drop spurious charges against journalists who were just doing their jobs.
A predatory court system knocked Qiana Williams' life into decades of disarray.
PAGEDALE, Mo. (CN) - Missouri resident Valarie Whitner lives in fear, but not of violence - fear of another ticket for chipped
After Ferguson protests, lawsuits and public pressure are bringing change to a fractured and troubled network of tiny courts.
A pastor, a "peace poet," a legal observer and a student muralist also head to court.
Filing questionable charges a year later is "like picking the scab off," says ACLU lawyer.
In Ferguson Municipal Court this week, the unconstitutional police tactics of Aug. 13 and early Aug. 14, tactics that suppressed
"Any injury or damage sustained by Plaintiffs was sustained as the direct and proximate result of Plaintiffs' own criminal
“Once the discontent began to emerge in Ferguson, everything shifted. Why is the public so upset with law enforcement? It’s
City officials in Ferguson, Missouri, are defending the arrest of an observer who was filming an arrest during a protest