St. Nicholas

On Christmas Eve at the North Pole, A chubby sprite in white and red, Groaned inwardly and searched his soul, For why the world felt drab and dead.
Christmas tree or Chanukah menorah or both? December portends heated Christmas/Chanukah-dilemma conversations for an increasing number of interfaith families. I
From breaking plates in Oaxaca and rollerblading to church in Caracas to Krampus roaming the streets in Austria - a folklore expert can share Holiday traditions around the globe.
Toward the end of the 19th century, Father Christmas was reinvented as the bringer of gifts to children. This probably came
he abashed cardinal attributed his mischievous deed to "too many spaghetti Westerns." As penance, he is required to give up both spaghetti and Westerns.
Despite his worldwide fame and popularity among children of all ages, Saint Nicholas is one of history's more elusive characters.
In this pluralistic society amid many traditions, people might ask themselves, "What do I believe?" Behind the decorations, "In whom or in what do I trust above all things?" Going deeper into our beliefs can guide our devotion and actions.
The church said it had been promised $20 million and the parcel at 130 Liberty Street because the vehicle security facility
By Chris Herlinger c. 2011 Religion News Service NEW YORK (RNS) With cries of "Rebuild now! Rebuild Now!" parishioners and
With Dec. 25 right around the corner, nations around the world have been struck with the Christmas spirit. In European nations
For children of all ages, Christmas conjures up enchanting visions of snowflakes, sleigh rides and sugar plums. But while
Here's something you probably don't know about Christmas: there really was a St. Nicholas. If you're wondering why we hang up stockings, there's a story for that too.
Even though we don't expect Santa for another few weeks, December 6th is the day when we remember the original "Old St. Nick."
Why have we forgotten that kind of Santa who spent more time jingling our consciences than his own sleigh bells? You can't read much about this major figure without thinking about the plight of the poor and marginalized.
Santa Claus - known in some countries as Father Christmas, Kris Kringle or St. Nicholas- reacted with fury at the leak. The
The Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics -- a church aid organisation -- has begun calling for "Santa Claus-free zones." The
One World Trade Center is climbing furiously toward the sky, and the footprint of the Memorial is now becoming clear. But one building is conspicuously absent: the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas.
Six months later, the Port Authority said negotiations ended because St. Nicholas demanded too much money and approval power
The modern image of Santa Claus was invented in the 19th century by New Yorkers, as a secular myth meant to unite the city's diverse and growing population.
If you had the opportunity to talk with Sinterklaas -- known to be quite the music freak -- he might have a thing or two to say about all of those Christmas tunes being bandied about in his name.