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That excuse might sometimes get you out of a speeding ticket, but Hubert Lee Credit couldn't justify allegedly stealing an
Scott's office said his comment "was simply small talk," adding that the governor had thrown out the first pitch at a Rays
The episode is only the latest in a series of oddball foreclosure stories that have included a homeowner being asked to pay
Scientists and technicians clearly proved something this week about ingenuity, progress, and communication. What's the big takeaway from this three-day experiment?
History and geography professor George F. Botjer, 73, is white, and he is committed to racial justice. These two factors
When director Rob Letterman took certain liberties in updating the tale to click with a younger, modern audience, did he stray too far from the original Swift story?
The shamelessly self-promoting father of the "Balloon Boy" Hoax is making another grab at the limelight. He is doing it by trying to sell us painted sticks for charity.
Sometimes, the smallest lines defended by journalists are among the most important ones. Properly blowing up on the Internet today is an obituary of Neil Alan Smith, written by Andrew Meacham of the St. Petersburg Times.
The St. Petersburg Times hammers Florida gubernatorial hopeful Rick Scott today in an editorial that describes him as "deceitful" and "heartless."
After documenting why my claim that Halliburton had defrauded taxpayers of "hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraq" was true, rated the statement "Half True." It's worth returning to the scene of the crime to see what we can conclude from PolitiFact's conclusion.