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See screenshots of some of Campfield's Facebook comments below: Cari Gervin and her colleagues at Knoxville's alt-weekly
With 23 students in favor and one opposing, the ETSU student government overwhelmingly voted against providing the nearly
WASHINGTON -- One of Tennessee's most controversial state lawmakers, known for pushing anti-gay legislation and making remarks
A Tennessee state senator thinks it's unwise for the Obama administration to brag about how many Americans have signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, likening it to the Nazis touting how many Jews were shipped to concentration camps.
But that didn’t stop the senator from elaborating on the comparison further, even suggesting that “government funded abortion
State Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) made the comment on his personal blog Monday morning in a post called, "Thought of the day
Sex Week ran for a week in early March. It featured a series of discussions and lectures on sexual relationships and sexuality
Campfield previously gained national recognition -- and stirred national controversy -- in 2012 for his "Don't Say Gay" bill
Under the bill barring the use of institutional revenue to pay for guest speakers, everyone from former U.S. presidents to
"Sen. Campfield is envisioning a problem that does not exist," Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the Tennessee ACLU, told
A controversial Tennessee Republican's joke about a pressure cooker angered critics who felt the politician was making light
Ever since Barack Obama rose to the presidency only a few years after leaving the Illinois state senate, Stephen Colbert
The bill was allowed to die at the end of last year, but was recently re-filed by Campfield, with an added provision that
“My life mission has been to raise the awareness in America of a World War II chapter of our history when innocent American
Tennessee state Rep. Stacey Campfield (R) introduced a bill this week seeking to make welfare benefits contingent upon the
While hard to determine which states are the most backwards with not allowing same-sex marriages, states are ranked in order from lowest to highest percent of voters' support in constitutional bans on same-sex marriages.
People who have HIV/AIDS are able to live longer than ever before, but only if they can get their hands on the drugs. AIDS is still very much a crisis. ACT UP SF is calling for free meds for low-income people, more affordable meds for everyone, and more transparency.
Right-wing and evangelical pundits are ignoring one little thing: If we consider that, at the very least, straight Americans outnumber queer Americans 10 to 1, then there are many, many more straight people in this country having "gay sex" than there are gay people having it.
A Tennessee mayor touched on the controversy surrounding the state's now-axed "Don't Say Gay" bill during an appearance at