Will you wait for your own crisis, however it presents itself, or will you open your eyes and your heart, learn from the experience of others, and make changes now to embrace your authentic self?
Cost was not an issue on any level because the benefits Kramer catalogs lean toward the sort that no amount of money can buy: peace, love, serenity, humility, happiness, redefinition of faith, and more meaningful relationships with others. How does one arrive at this summation, to view and accept a brain tumor as a great gift?
Survivors can learn to avoid worrying about the small stuff and attend to the awe and wonder all around us. But how does this dramatic transformation happen?
We know that suffering is amplified when we don't see it coming, when we don't have any control over it, and when it's something we've never had to deal with before. All of which makes Stacey Kramer, and those who respond to suffering like she has, even more remarkable.
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgIt may make the pain meaningful and bearable, but growth does not undo loss and it does not eliminate adversity. So what can Stacey's experience teach us?
Are there ways in which I have found a greater understanding of life and how to live it? Are there ways in which I find myself being more grateful for what I have and for those around me?