stacia l. brown

Also joining the discussion was Scott Simon, the NPR host who conducted that interview and asked Cosby point-blank to respond
Most single mothers are lauded as independent champions, but for black unmarried women, society's view isn't as sympathetic. Racially charged negative attitudes about single African-American mom continue to persist. Guests Britni Danielle, Stacia L. Brown and Carolyn Edgar join to discuss.
Colored TV is a new PostBourgie feature that looks at television series through the lenses of race and class. Up first: "Parenthood" and "Revenge."
So, if you don't know much about this week's featured group, Full Force, you might assume this is going to be another heart-breaking story about fame lost and bitterly mourned. But you'd be wrong.
Vesta Williams's unexpected and untimely death was just one in a long string of mysteries surrounding her life. What happened? Where had she been? Why hadn't she hit it bigger?