Our Mission: To gift an expense paid week vacation to Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Women and their families. To give
He recounts that cancer, documented for thousands of years, has survived epic battles throughout time. Centuries of discoveries
Isabella and the teacher presented me with a a story she had written for a school project. They could write about whatever they wanted. When I first glanced at the sheet and caught the title, my eyes began to tear up and I felt a lump in my throat. This is what I read...
After my mastectomy, I began looking for pictures of other women who had battled breast cancer. I found The Grace Project by Isis Charise.
I was moved to showcase these women in hopes that women would draw strength, courage, and hope from these stories.
Although Cate and her mom had always been very close, their bond grew stronger after the diagnosis.
Love Hannah x I start chemo tomorrow, and I feel very calm about it. I remember the night before I started chemo last time
Breast cancer isn't being ignored. You know what's being ignored and the real elephant in the pink room (see below for more on this reference): metastatic breast cancer, aka Stage 4 breast cancer.
My biggest fear is that I will lose my fertility. I have just started to have periods again after the last lot of chemo, and
I woke this morning feeling very apprehensive about the news I was about to get, my gut instinct was telling me that I probably had cancer in my liver. I ate some breakfast and then was immediately sick, which I think was because I knew I was about to get bad news.