It's fast upon us now, the Vote that will lead us to chaos or keep us (though with dependably violent after-shocks) on the
"For me, it's a big event," Arnault said recently, "the collection is one of the most beautiful that has ever been put together
It's good that NATO and Russia met. Dialogue should continue, with the EU and U.S. prepared to negotiate a deal normalizing relations.However, the allies won't know without trying. And everyone would benefit from ending the current impasse. Especially the Ukrainian people.
Our family's histories live on through us. We can all learn from the past. These lessons have the ability to fuel -- and to heal -- our futures.
And in an era where we are reminded daily of how polarized the country can become, I doubt that humor can hurt -- at all
July 23, 2015 -- 3 large graphic portrait of Nemtsov were stolen! Photo Credit: Lena Hades Lena Hades producing a new Nemtsov's
You can see mind-boggling signs of pollution in the mining and smelting city of Leninsk-Kuznetski. Coal dust and ash cover
My country is placing me in a position where I become a hurricane blazing through everything in my path. Just one month passed by and dozens of people lost their jobs, were told off by their bosses, got reported on. Now they are all unemployed.
In 1912, in Harris County, Georgia, after a white man, a nephew of the county sheriff was killed, the sheriff stood by as
The press spin from Jeb's downward momentum in the Iowa caucuses won't help for the New Hampshire primary five weeks later
Once Bernie wins the Democratic nomination -- the presidency is obviously and undoubtedly his on a platter.
During mad dashes toward the future, inevitably, pockets of a nearly forgotten past emerge to make themselves known, lest they completely fade into obscurity.
Over the course of the 2016 presidential debate, the argument that "America vastly outspends China" will likely be used to
Seventy-five years ago, Joseph Stalin's henchmen (the NKVD) came pounding on my Polish family's door in Eastern Poland. It wasn't until 2012, after a series of serendipitous events, that I decided it was time for me to do some knocking on a few doors myself -- the doors of history.
No other blacklisted Hollywood person stirs the nest of right-wing wasps as much as Dalton Trumbo. So, it is not surprising that they have swarmed against Trumbo, a movie honestly portraying him and his fight against the motion-picture blacklist.
Growing up in Chicago in the 1970s, I was aware that my parents were Polish immigrants. My father, William Krzos, was an engineer at GTE -- I was intrigued by his vague remarks about being in a German labor camp.
Finally, a film will be released in the new year that portrays Stalin's monstrous policies and how they brought about The Great Famine of 1933, known in Ukrainian as the Holodomor (death by starvation).
There are times in life when, if you listen closely enough, you really can hear the whispers of your soul. You know ... in between news reports, paying your bills, working for a living, finding meaning in life and trying not to go out of your mind.