Stressing because you accidentally liked someone's years-old photo while snooping? It's time to get over it.
The man, who allegedly entered two buildings linked to Swift, is accused of trespassing and stalking charges.
Aharon Brown was arrested in 2021 for allegedly threatening to kill the singer and her security.
In the new movie "The Perfect Guy," actress Sanaa Lathan thinks she's met her perfect match only to find out he's an obsessive stalker. We discuss the reality of what it's like when cyberstalking moves into real life.
Women around the country say they've gotten notifications that the relatively cheap location-tracking devices are following them.
The answer is complicated. Calling 911 can contribute to a culture of over-policing, so here are some alternatives.
“Zombies” attack the customers' cars and smear them with artificial blood, but patrons are safely separated from their stalkers by the windows.
Omar Navarro, who has touted his support from Trump allies, appears to have a history of threatening and stalking women.
Many Twitter users pointed out that the show's boundary-ignoring premise seems like a recipe for disaster.
The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles accuses the actor and organization of stalking, intimidation and conspiracy stemming from rape allegations against the actor.