Many Twitter users pointed out that the show's boundary-ignoring premise seems like a recipe for disaster.
The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles accuses the actor and organization of stalking, intimidation and conspiracy stemming from rape allegations against the actor.
The singer recently expressed how a “fear of violence has continued into my personal life” due to multiple home invasions.
Attorney Carrie Goldberg shares tips for victims of online harassment: "Never feed the trolls."
In one text message, Jacqueline Ades allegedly told her date she'd like to bathe in his blood.
A Facebook engineer was fired after allegedly self-identifying as a "professional stalker" and telling a woman on Tinder that she was "hard to find."
MW: You have a new book coming out right after the holidays called Bad Mommy. Can you tell us how this book is different
As he sat in my office, he explained to me that Dr. X touching him with her foot had been a declaration of her love. I tried
"I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm only sending letters to my girlfriend."
Police say a man fired 33 rounds into his neighbor's house after she refused his sexual advances.
We must teach ourselves, our brothers, our sons and our friends that women are not ours; they do not belong to us.
In this day and age we live our lives online. And of course this naturally extends to our romantic lives whether that be dating, married or in a committed relationship. This has happened so quickly that we haven't necessarily taken the precautions to protect ourselves. And because we live our lives online, it is only natural that our romantic encounters, relationships and prospects also have an online existence.
The pop star is starting a movement so other women don’t go through what she did.
A new study suggests rom coms perpetuate dangerous myths, and make it harder to prosecute stalkers.