The stamps will feature ice pops meant to "add the sweet scent of summer" to your letters.
Heights is the 15th black woman to be named in the commemorative collection.
The price of a postage stamp is going down by two cents, to 47 cents, for a one-ounce letter. But even two cents can add up to big losses for the U.S. Postal Service.
Pluto, the moon and Star Trek will be featured in 2016 stamp collections.
Apparently some people in India actually still use the postal service.
Certain produce, like okra and citrus, will make graphic stamps when sliced in half -- and better yet if they're dried out and gnarly like that lemon wedge wasting away in your fridge. Enter the easiest way to make the most of your excess summer bounty.
The handwritten friendly letter is a dying art form. That saddens me, because I'm amazed and gratified at all the wisdom and support that have been passed on to me via letters.
Browse through the Vatican's Christmas stamps in the slideshow below. For more, click through the state's Stamp Catalogue
In this first of two programs celebrating her extraordinary life and legacy, I revisit an episode from his 1982 series Creativity in which Angelou and I returned to the small town of Stamps, Arkansas, where she spent much of her childhood.
Read the rest of this column by clicking here. You can cling to musty dogma, to strict, outdated codes of conduct and belief
We need to maintain a vibrant postal service, whether run under the auspices of the federal government or private enterprise. I'm willing to put up with the junk mail.
Finland's homo-erotic new stamps pay tribute to the iconic art of Tom of Finland.
Hell, since you're stuck in there for nine long months you at least have to have some decent bookshelves and a coffee table.