Stan Greenberg

His new book, "America Ascendant," calls for a second Progressive Era.
The greatest mystery of the 2014 mid-term election is the question of why all of our leading analysts knew how important it is for Democrats to have a compelling economic message aimed at middle class voters, and yet we managed to get to the end of the election cycle without coalescing around an effective narrative.
The story that we can tell is about an America that built a prosperous and expanding middle class where everyone who wanted a job was able to find one, where workers actually got raises and decent benefits most of the time, and where there was dignity in work and our families had the chance to pursue our version of the American dream.
What Democrats failed to get in 2014 is that every election is now a national election, and the party with the stronger narrative -- the party on offense, not defense -- will win most of the competitive races.
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has a vision for this year's congressional midterm elections. Instead of the apocalyptic scenario of Democrats losing control of the Senate and cementing their minority status in the House, Schumer said he thinks the party can do just fine.
"It's not an elephant in the room," Greenberg said. "The crisis was like another age. The recession began nearly a decade
Mandela could be a tenacious politician in that sense. Greenberg recalled that "he hated de Klerk," believing strongly that
It is becoming increasingly plain that the most formidable obstacle to national progress and global security is the Republican Party -- and specifically the extremist factions that currently dominate the GOP.
No surprise that a populist progressive Democrat like me would like President Obama's State of the Union address that talked so much about lifting up the middle class. But there's a background story on getting to the president's message last night.
The pundits will be predicting doom and gloom for sure. Not only did we fail to win the House back in a good Democratic year, they will remind us, but in the sixth year of a presidency the president's party almost always loses seats.
Colleges across America are preparing for a new school year and the cost of tuition and student loans is becoming a bigger
The unknowns as we head down to the wire are significant. If the ground game is not accurately taken into account, as Obama advisor David Axelrod suggests, no doubt polling firms are struggling to account for the air war as well.
Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg is not known for flinching from delivering bad news to Democratic politicians, and his
I really enjoyed the last two weeks of party conventioneering, and not just because I'm a political junkie. I mostly enjoyed them because I am a Democrat, and I thought we thoroughly won the convention wars.
If the quote gives off the profound scent of déjà vu, that's because the White House has pledged to turn the conversation
Greenberg was less sanguine about perceptions of the economy. "There is a real economy out there," he warns, an economy "that's
Press reports have suggested that the White House is trying to make Democratic voters forget that the Administration promised to start drawing down troops from Afghanistan in July 2011.
It is a tried and true feature of the consulting profession to profess knowledge of the solutions and answers to most political
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