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This spring, TV viewers waged a battle for gender equality against one of the big networks and won. The grassroots victory -- which says a lot about Hollywood and social media -- was sealed this week.
This isn't a phenomenon that is isolated to the network. Sexism in the workplace is well known occurrence throughout many
In true Caskett style, the duo go over the facts of the case and conclude that Net Slayer must’ve been a victim of online
In the Oct. 7 episode of ABC's "Castle" (Mondays at 10 p.m. ET), now in Season 6, Castle (Nathan Fillion) manages to insert
With Beckett still in D.C., Castle and the boys investigate the murder of former child star Charlie Reynolds, who rose to fame playing the lovable nerd on an early 90s High School sitcom. But the case takes a turn for the strange when Agents Beckett and McCord arrive from Washington to take over the investigation, creating competitive tension in the precinct.
Carpinello's other notable credits include "Gangster Squad," "The Good Wife," "So noTORIous" and Broadway stints in "Saturday
"I know the sixth season is going to be better than any season we've ever done. I can feel it from the cast, from the writers
However, the series' ongoing "will they/won't they" storyline with its two leads finally stopped as the writers let them
What do you think the "emotional cliffhanger" is in the "Castle" finale? Are you worried about Caskett? Do you think they'll
Tune in for the 100th episode of "Castle" on Monday, April 1 at 10 p.m. ET. Here's ABC's official description of "Castle