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The talk show host admits it's a little harder to be "relatable" when you're a big celebrity.
Comedian Norm Macdonald said “you’d have to have Down syndrome to not feel sorry” for victims in the Me Too era, just one day after receiving backlash for comments he made against the movement.
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HuffPost and Mas Mejor teamed up to highlight an array of comedians from the LatinX community
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A couple of suggestions from the audience... no props... and you're off and running. Improvisational comedy has been around for decades, and its popularity shows no sign of declining.
So we get snapshots of not just the New York scene, where Shydner cut his comedy teeth, but Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago
I have spoken with many comediennes, like Joan Rivers and Wanda Sykes, and you are one of the top funny ladies that so many
The veteran comedian also discussed the controversy around Cosby and the current state of comedy.
This bothers me. Seeing the two in that order, all I could think was, "Odd timing." The second item was a story discussing