Babies as young as 3.5 months old are learning to stand in a class in Iceland
Lyons filed a complaint, alleging police misconduct and denial of his Fourth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment constitutional
Whenever I returned from a medical meeting my physician father always asked "what did you learn?" This question lingers. I'm
Turns out the pricey investments haven't really demonstrated their worth.
"Based on the evidence we have to date, the approximation of two hours increasing to at least four seems reasonable enough
A lot of attention Post-Snowden has been paid to what the NSA does-- vacuum up emails, listen in on Skype chats and so forth. Too little attention has been devoted to what is done with the information NSA collects.
In other matters, too, John Roberts has avoided placing his court ahead of the consensus of the American people. For example
Mark Potok explains how he hate groups actually become hate groups.
DOMA clearly violates equal protection, but the Supreme Court could repeal it on more technical grounds, ruling either that House Republicans lack standing to defend it, or that it is an attack on states' rights. But either of these less desirable outcomes would still be a victory for marriage equality.
There's no question that regular exercise is essential to health. For the vast majority of our evolutionary history, we've had to exert ourselves -- often quite strenuously -- to get food, find shelter and simply survive.
To uphold standing for a litigant whose record is so bad that it would be swept in under any law implies that those who would uphold Alabama in this case effectively oppose all voting rights for any Americans.
The 2012 elections will propel the merits of the individual mandate cases to the forefront of our political dialogue for at least the next 14 months, it is worth removing the smoke and noise from the constitutional argument so that everyone can clearly identify the issue.
So to kickstart the movement, Funny Or Die has gotten a bunch of young Hollywood actors to star in a PSA supporting a new