Standing Ovation

The conspiracy-supporting Georgia lawmaker admitted to House Republicans that being curious about “Q” was a mistake.
The "Lion King" actor sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and talked about what it was like to meet Beyoncé.
"The church should have been the first group to stand up and say, ‘We will not allow this.’”
I had the opportunity to interview Robyn Hatcher, the author of Standing Ovation Presentations: Discover Your Unique Actortype and Let It Shine. Hatcher uses her experience from her past careers to teach others to find their authentic selves and to become effective speakers
Canadian MPs salute Kevin Vickers wIth standing ovation
Applauding is a theatrical social contract of many, many years' practice, and appreciation denied is appreciation diminished. I'm not suggesting that every production should contrive a unique curtain call; to do so would then make them as boring as standing ovations have largely become.
Going to the Broadway theater used to be an entirely different experience. Pardon the nostalgia but not everything new is as shiny as it seems. From my perspective the experience is badly tarnished and needs a rehab.
When "Conan" writer Deon Cole watched Octavia Spencer win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday, he was
• The woman enters the seating row first. It's considered proper for the man to sit "aisle-side," just as he should walk