Marc Tessier-Lavigne's resignation comes after Stanford's student journalists exposed multiple research papers of his that had manipulated data.
The Texas Longhorns were stunned by a mistake in what's usually a routine play.
The act could constitute a hate crime, university officials said, given the identity of the student.
The Microsoft mogul gave $5 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to finance work in global health, development, policy and advocacy, and U.S. education.
“Stanford’s after-hours disciplinary charge, and the reckless nature of submission to Katie, caused ... an acute stress reaction,″ states the lawsuit.
“This ugly component of Stanford’s history is saddening and deeply troubling,” said university President Marc Tessier-Lavigne.
A trove of emails from 2006 found Masters – who's now a Republican Senate candidate – disparaging democracy and defending a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is charging nearly 50 people for participating in a nationwide bribery ring that U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling called the “largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”
Ezra Miller reveals what it’s like to make the jump to a blockbuster feature after working primarily on indie films.
“I didn’t have a whole lot of expectation for this meet,” said Thomas, a former male swimmer for Penn State. “I was just happy to be here and race and compete the best I could.”