Stanley Tucci

Oral cancer temporarily took Tucci’s ability to taste, but his love of food helped propel him to heal.
The "Searching for Italy" star also shared two of his favorite roles — which he wouldn't mind returning to.
The veteran actor shared a Thanksgiving photo and viral TikTok video about the pair's family connection.
The veteran actor said he had a "too big to operate" tumor at the base of his tongue.
Critics are calling Harry Macqueen's LGBTQ romantic drama, which follows two men facing imminent tragedy, an early awards season contender.
"The Hunger Games" actor took the quarantini to a new level during the coronavirus pandemic.
The character actor has five children — Isabel, Nicolo, Camilla, Matteo and Emilia.
That Spotlight won Best Feature at the Gotham Awards last night was not a surprise.
Spotlight is not just the story of the church in turmoil. It is the story of the abuse and perversion of power that echoes all too familiarly through our entire society. The work of the Boston Globe reporters should be celebrated.