star of david

The singer's response to Charlottesville made that performance one of the most memorable of his 100 at Madison Square Garden.
The singer, born to Jewish parents, sent a clear message to neo-Nazis.
For my new California driver’s license photo, I wore my rainbow Star of David necklace. I’ve acquired considerable symbolic
Back then, women who refused to fall in line with a male-dominated way of thinking, were shut down immediately.
There’s no reason why colors can’t be added.
Yesterday, 1,500 people participated in the Dyke March Chicago, and, once again in Chicago, anti-Semitism reared its ugly
Sean Spicer's Holocaust flub extends an alarming pattern.
HuffPost staffers have received some vile, anti-Semitic messages.
Stop all the madness... please. We simply have no other words to even attempt to explain or comment on all the shootings this week -- the two black men killed by cops, and the five cops killed by a racist and murderous sniper in Dallas.