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They said the McDonnells were barely talking when they accepted gifts, which meant they could not have conspired. Defense
These arrangements enrich some politicians and CEOs while impoverishing everyone else. The resulting rising income inequality is deliberate, not an accidental slip of some clumsy invisible hand of the market.
If, as the adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then the weight of the recent landmark speeches by Messrs. Obama, Christie and McDonnell is telling... maybe.
Capitalist theory asserts that CEOs rise to the top based on merit and moxie and deserve million-dollar pay packages. Turns out, though, capitalism doesn't really work that way. Conniving Jonnies rule the business world.
Federal and state authorities are probing the relationship between the McDonnells and Williams. Burck also disclosed to the
Speaking about a recent trip to China and Japan, he also said, "It's hard -- I suppose the force of circumstances -- for
The statement did not address the multitude of gifts given to the McDonnell family by Williams, including a $15,000 shopping
The comment came after The Washington Post reported that Jonnie R. Williams Sr., CEO of Star Scientific, had given $120,000
The presents did not appear on the statements of economic interest the governor filed for that year -- and they did not have
(Reporting by Ian Simpson and Nick Carey; Editing by Scott Malone, Grant McCool and David Gregorio) WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Virginia
The FBI has begun looking at the relationship between Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and the chief executive of a nutritional supplements manufacturer that is the subject of an investigation, two people with knowledge of the review said.