Star Trek

The late actor played Nog, the alien who so badly wanted to join Starfleet and got his chance.
The actor, who plays Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the J.J. Abrams films, would "relish the opportunity to be a part of it."
At least two other beloved members of the "Star Trek" universe will go boldly into the new CBS All Access series.
William Shatner and “Star Wars” star Mark Hamill are among those who boldly weighed in on the discovery.
The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" director has pitched a presumably more foul-mouthed version of the space series to Paramount.
The actress is still "astounded" to be the first black woman to lead the franchise as "Star Trek: Discovery" enters its second season.
"Star Trek: Discovery" producer Alex Kurtzman said Yeoh has “shattered ceilings, broken boundaries, and astonished us with her grace and gravitas for decades.”
Trekkies are catching feels over the dinner photograph that Marina Sirtis shared.
The actor is delighted to resurrect his savvy captain in these "very dark times."
The civil rights leader was a "Trek" fan, and he surprised her backstage and moved her to reconsider and stick it out.
The prolific but cantankerous author famously penned the "Star Trek" episode "City on the Edge of Forever," in which Kirk and Spock must go back in time.
For many "Star Trek" fans, there's only one response: "Make it so!"
Scott R. Brunton says a recent article claiming he changed his story mischaracterized his comments.
“Mark Zuckerborg,” one redditor quipped about the picture that compares the Facebook CEO to an android.
It was a complicated portrayal, but representative of "social stigma centered on forbidden love," Matt Baume says in his latest "Culture Cruise" video.
Some years ago, I found myself at a corporate meeting of Kraft. I don’t recall exactly how or why I wound up on that guest