Star Trek

The "Star Trek" actor said the former president's rhetoric sent "a chill" through his community and across the country.
"Star Trek" actor George Takei called on GOP leaders to "stop fanning violence with anti-Asian rhetoric" following fatal shootings at spas in the Atlanta area.
“I’m assuming this is satire. So hard to tell with people who suck at this,” responded “Star Trek” actor George Takei.
Actors Ian Alexander and Blu del Barrio are set to join the cast of the CBS sci-fi series' third season in groundbreaking roles.
The Space Force's symbol was designed to represent protection from "threats emanating from the space domain."
The 80-year-old Sci-Fi icon's book will cover everything from "Star Trek" to his work on "American Dad."
"A sonnet a day keeps the doctor away," the "Star Trek" star said.
The actor who played Captain Kirk made his stance perfectly clear.
"I think this is a particularly heinous moment in American history with Donald Trump," Walter Koenig said.
"There is nothing sacred," laments Sulu (George Takei).