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We don't remember "Star Trek" having this much dancing... Or Captain Kirk falling off his chair. That's because Slacktory
"I don't like going to the movies to feel bad. I don't like going to the movies to feel depressed and feel diminished. The
Star Trek went where many movie trailers have gone before ... to the Super Bowl. Super Bowl viewers got a look at a trailer
The original Trek arrived amidst civil rights milestones, a mistake of a war overseas, and sweeping progressive legislation from the White House. Sound familiar?
A new trailer for the highly-anticipated "Star Trek" movie is out. Directed by J.J. Abrams, the movie comes out in early
He's Just Not That Into You is quickly becoming the movie that will never be released. The ever-shifting release date does not bode well for quality, but I suppose the week before Valentine's Day is as good as any time.
Keep reading or scroll for photos The trailer starts with a speeding Corvette going through the desert being pursued by a