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The video showed the victim attempting to drive away from police before his vehicle was hemmed in.
Back in 1978, Griffith told a local Lions club that he decided to move to Minneapolis “when I found out you only had 15,000 blacks here.”
Authorities said no one appeared to be injured in the "disturbing" incident. The driver has been arrested.
Aida Shyef Al-Kadi was so humiliated by the actions of Ramsey County jail officers that she studied law at a library and filed a federal lawsuit representing herself.
A one-day sale had parents and children waiting in lines for hours, raising safety concerns.
Police removed at least 17 demonstrators standing on tracks or locking themselves to a station platform to protest police brutality.
The state will be represented by two female senators.
"I am not some nut ball," Robert James Kuefler said.
A gas leak led to an explosion.
The victim had reportedly gone outside in her pajamas to talk to officers about a 911 call she placed.