Star Tribune

A one-day sale had parents and children waiting in lines for hours, raising safety concerns.
Police removed at least 17 demonstrators standing on tracks or locking themselves to a station platform to protest police brutality.
The state will be represented by two female senators.
"I am not some nut ball," Robert James Kuefler said.
A gas leak led to an explosion.
The victim had reportedly gone outside in her pajamas to talk to officers about a 911 call she placed.
The officer repeatedly knees and punches the driver. Police say the video “shows only a short segment" of a longer road-rage incident.
The unfurled "Divest" banner was a message for stadium sponsor U.S. Bank.
The ad appeared in the Sunday edition of the Star Tribune, immediately instigating backlash on social media from outraged
Why should we expect newspapers to live off of advertising revenue alone? Not every local newspaper can compete with FOX, CNN and BBC on the advertising market.
Posey was knocked out by a home-plate collision this week that resulted in a broken leg that will likely sideline him for the remainder of the season. Here's a roundup of what baseball bloggers and columnists have to say.