Experts at the aquarium where the starfish lives say it's just an optical illusion caused by the way the creature's legs are attached to the rock.
The “marine heat wave” is triggering a “continental-scale collapse of a pivotal predator,” says new study.
I spend a good amount of ink (or screen space) on differences in gender, race and age. Another area of difference that is
The robot's target is a species of coral-eating starfish responsible for extensive reef damage.
The starfish managed to push the microchip between its organs without harming itself, the students explained, though they
I have to be thankful to Jonathan Franzen for one thing -- he's pushed me out of my blog blues. His essay in the New Yorker about why we can ignore climate change so misses all the basic, important points about what is going on in nature that here I am, clicking away again.
Now, a massive new study has narrowed down the cause of what's liquefying this lynchpin species. The findings, from a diverse
This is a story about sandcastles, starfish, and redemption. I'm telling it to you because I was just back at the east coast and we all know that the coastline of the east is the quintessential place for sandcastles and starfish.
Last week I returned from an annual Retreat at Indralaya on Orcas Island having experienced something unique and eye opening.
Strange Epidemic Is Killing Starfish
Raimondi explained that the sea stars’ decline has dire consequences for the ocean’s biodiversity. One of the primarily affected
Today is all about the love of family. First, a cute little girl (with an adorable voice) gives her little brother some sisterly advice. Then, one dad displays how much he loves to give his daughter a hard time.
Video credit: Henry Astley The blunt-spined brittle star (Ophiocoma echinata) doesn't let five limbs prevent it from walking