“It is time for spiritual people to get active and the activist people to get spiritual. I think we need both now.  In order
Homophobia is an issue many faith communities are grappling with.
A new book by Starhawk explores the task of healing society.
"We are invoking spirits with our intention, attention and imaginations."
Instead of an abundance of screen time this summer, how about weaving a story around the campfire that culminates in a kid-friendly ritual? Or camping with your children and building a labyrinth in the woods. Or taking a group of teens on a night hike that includes a silent meditation.
Young people have the difficult task of maintaining faith in a troubling world -- but our elders have just as essential a responsibility to think critically about the legacy they are leaving behind.
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Nonetheless, Starhawk, an author and activist, has managed to find a home for her particular blend of eco-pagan activism
I know many people who are sympathetic to Wicca but have little idea what we "do": how we worship, celebrate, meditate, pray. Spring, celebrated as a time of rebirth in so many different spiritual traditions, seems a good time to address such questions.
Faith requires the wisdom of the heart. It's a risk and an investment and altogether too earnest for many millennials. Much like letter-writing, maintaining a spiritual practice takes time and patience. It springs from an enduring love that knows no shortcuts.