starlight children's foundation

The project was inspired by the creator's brother, who died from pediatric cancer.
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Roberta Koz Wilson didn't start out making cookies for a living. She graduated from UCLA and quickly rose through the ranks at MTV Networks. She left her career in 2004, after much soul-searching and schedule juggling.
It was Meghan's dying wish to meet popstar Debbie Gibson. In 1989, Debbie paired up with Starlight Children's Foundation
Just rising to the teen mark, 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar is one songstress with a set of incredible vocal cords and a mini heart of gold.
Two days after our twins' premature birth, we found out that our little Eva had severe congenital heart abnormalities. When the hospital staff told me, I could feel my own heart just sink. Our world had changed in an instant, but we didn't have time to catch our breath.
And so it was in June of 1995 that Steven Spielberg, General Schwarzkopf and I pressed a big green button on stage at Digital World that turned on Starbright World for kids in hospital beds around the country.
I spent Christmas Eve pestering, complaining and pleading with my transplant surgeon and the rest of my team of doctors that I was well enough to leave the hospital for Christmas.
My diagnosis is not what defines me. This September, I started college and am majoring in psychology. Between volunteering, hanging out with friends, and exams to study for, I'm just like any other 18-year-old.
Joan Carbon, Executive Director of Starlight, explained that the event was more than just another night out. "It's not just
It's called Chime, and it's a puzzle game that integrates the music of artists like Philip Glass and Moby. The game is the
•Yarn, hooks and scissors for Ugandan women to crochet articles of clothing to sell. •Stuffed toys for hospitalized children
Get HuffPost Impact On Facebook and Twitter! Also in attendance were famed eyebrow shaper to the stars, Anastasia Soare and
I feel very lucky to have the chance to continue to reach people through my efforts, by being the best volunteer I can. During
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"I love Donatella's clothes so much," she said with teenage enthusiasm. "When I was told I was going to meet her, I was freaking