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Start School Later has nearly 90 chapters across the U.S.A., including a statewide California chapter led by Irena Keller
Many health organizations - including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Centers
With the American Medical Association (AMA) now joining the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics in calling for classes
"More and more students treat high school like a job. They get up super early and stay up late. It's definitely not healthy."
I used to think school start times should be a local decision -- until I spent 15 years working to get my district to delay a 7:17 a.m. school bell that made my children sick and chronically sleep-deprived.
Teens are severely sleep-deprived. This needs to change.
Most Pennsylvania middle and high school students start class too early in the morning to get healthy sleep. This could change soon thanks to legislation just introduced by Representative Tim Briggs of Montgomery County, which directs the state department of education to study the relationship between teen sleep and school start times.
Deb Jung, a Howard County, MD attorney and a Start School Later chapter leader, is hopeful that this incentive program will
Executive Director of Start School Later Terra Ziporyn Snider explains the benefits of pushing back school start times.
Chalk up another victory for teen sleep. The winners this time are students at four districts in Southern Maine, whose school boards have just voted in tandem to delay bell times to give them a shot at getting the sleep they need.
The easiest way to be part of the change is by signing our national petition, and spreading the word by emailing friends
These hours have been linked to teen sleep deprivation and a laundry list of associated health, safety, and school problems, including obesity, depression, car crashes, truancy, tardiness, and substance abuse.
When Rock Bridge High School tried to push their start time up to 7:20am, sophomore Jilly Dos Santos fought the school board for more sleep and a later first bell - and won. Could later school start times benefit student health and productivity?