starting a business

Here are four steps to follow if you want to do the same.
Today, 18 years and a half-dozen starting-a-business-in-a-foreign-country-from-nothing experiences later, I can explain. Someone who hasn't done it isn't going to understand, but it's just the way it goes.
Let's face it. The big launch is always the most nerve-wracking. Those who have been into the business for a long time and those who are just starting off have to go through the same rigors of having everything in shape. It's understandable. Who wants to start off on the wrong foot?
When I first started out as an Event Planner I wanted to have a place where I can share some tips and recipes that I would
After nearly 10 years in the skincare industry, I've had my share of failures (which I all too readily admit to) but for all of the setbacks, I've never regretted the decision to start my business.
Past generations might have been able to rely on the government and lifelong employers for job security and reasonable pension plans, but many millennials recognize that the way the world economy currently works doesn't make that a viable option--let alone an attractive one.
So while all of this sounds so fun, fine and dandy, it definitely involves hard work. Not all of us have a voice like a magical
I've run my business for fifteen years and take great joy in sharing advice and war stories with aspiring entrepreneurs. The question that consistently comes up in these conversations is: What's the hardest part of running a business?
The days when these hurdles seem too high to overcome, I look at my children and remind myself that I'm doing it for them.
To hear the clip, click here He took an interest in my business. He was incredibly generous. To hear the clip, click here