After five years of war, Yemen’s poor health care infrastructure is unprepared to battle the pandemic.
The consequences of the grim COVID-19 pandemic in America include hunger
The port in Hodeidah is the main lifeline for food aid to a country where 8.4 million people are on the verge of starvation.
"Empathy suffers from jet-lag -- it often wakes up only after it's no longer possible to do anything to help," said my father, a man who lost many relatives to the holocaust.
Since their days as medical school classmates, Bashar al-Assad and Zaher Sahloul have followed rather different paths: one became a war criminal; the other, a humanitarian advocate.
Of all the institutions explored in the United States none impact lives more permanently and personally than education. Offering
In an election year that finds both the left and right clamoring for political change, then, it seems suicidal for the Democrats to be putting forward a candidate who is as much a creature of the establishment as Hillary Rodham Clinton is.
These wildfires are plainly visible in the NASA/MODIS satellite shot -- covering about a 1,400 mile swath stretching from
There's just one tiger left at the zoo in Khan Younis, a city in war-torn Gaza. His name is Laziz.