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Marriott's acquisition will create the biggest hotel company in the world.
They hadn't. None of the other bidders were strategic buyers, so their offers weren't based on working knowledge of the industry
With U.S.-Cuba diplomatic relations officially restored, albeit far from ideal, how does this curveball impact China-Cuba relations?
The country is expecting an explosion in tourist activity after improved diplomatic and business relations with the U.S.
2. Secure flights at current mileage levels. Marriott International will acquire Starwood and Accor SA agreed to purchase
Starting Wednesday, travelers who ride with Uber can earn free hotel nights at Starwood Hotels. When you link Uber with your Starwood Preferred Guest account (which is free to set up, by the way), you'll earn at least one point for every $1 you spend on Uber... which could add up to a LOT of free night stays.
If you're not a business traveler, why should you care? Because this group of globe-trotters is changing the hospitality industry in a way that affects leisure travelers, too.
If you are heading out of town during the busiest travel season of the year, you may want to take advantage of what technology has to offer to ease the holiday stress.
Based on figures from S&P Capital IQ, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the companies with the lowest revenue per employee. In order
The way we travel is changing. And hotels are upping the ante, with technology that's as forward-thinking as your favorite airline -- and, in some cases, your favorite video game.
My closest cousins are flying to a resort in Brazil. And we in Los Angeles, abandoned without a plan, are lonely and bereft. Which means just one thing. Halleluiah!
Skip the long, cold lines of big box stores this Black Friday: savvy shoppers can give the gift of travel, thanks to extremely competitive deals in the market, with savings up to 75%.
Bribe your children with extra legroom if they provide you with correct final exam dates. You will have to text them incessantly for 3-4 weeks before they respond with those dates because it is a real effort on their part to log into their online schedule.
Get to know the rewards system. Really well Know when to move on Of course, it all depends on what you want So, where do
The bathroom is where your hotel's earnest personality really begins to beam.
The trees will allow children in the San Francisco Bay Area to have access to local organic heirloom apples every fall, along with the opportunity to teach them about heirloom varieties and the different flavor of each tree.
Beijing International Airport just surpassed O'Hare and Heathrow to become the world's second busiest airport. And that's what globalization means for us... billions of new travelers creating new travel patterns.