state attorneys general

State lawmakers could choose the next governor because of a little-noticed 1890 provision designed to disenfranchise Black voters.
The surreptitious collusion between energy companies and specific state Attorneys General becomes crystal clear when looking at contribution supporters of Attorneys General who are part of the lawsuit against the Clean Power Plan.
Navient Corp., formerly Sallie Mae, encouraged call center workers to rush struggling borrowers off the phone rather than explain debt-relief programs.
The difference between Texas and Pennsylvania is that the legislators in Pennsylvania are willing to take steps to remove someone from office who fails to see why she shouldn't continue to serve. Legislators in Texas see nothing wrong in having an attorney general under indictment continuing to serve.
Where they said "aloha" to lobbyists, lawyers and executives.
Smith, of the consumer law center, said Duncan has the authority to grant mass loan discharges of former Corinthian students
The reduced liability is a consequence of what the Education Department called an "orderly wind-down" of Corinthian. "And
The company said it had been in what it described as "advanced negotiations" with several potential buyers for its Heald
“While the long-term opportunities of Department of Education loan collections contract remain unresolved, we'll continue
Several Republican state attorneys general called a key provision of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional and asked the