state attorneys general

The surreptitious collusion between energy companies and specific state Attorneys General becomes crystal clear when looking at contribution supporters of Attorneys General who are part of the lawsuit against the Clean Power Plan.
Navient Corp., formerly Sallie Mae, encouraged call center workers to rush struggling borrowers off the phone rather than explain debt-relief programs.
The difference between Texas and Pennsylvania is that the legislators in Pennsylvania are willing to take steps to remove someone from office who fails to see why she shouldn't continue to serve. Legislators in Texas see nothing wrong in having an attorney general under indictment continuing to serve.
Where they said "aloha" to lobbyists, lawyers and executives.
Several major for-profit college chains also are under investigation for potentially misleading students by advertising false
Smith said the Education Department "almost buries" the debt forgiveness option in its communications to students. Rep. Janice
Corinthian Colleges spawned a growing movement of so-called "debt strikers" who are refusing to make payments on their federal
“According to South Carolina’s own data, minority registered voters were nearly 20 percent more likely to lack a photo ID
The letter signed by 23 state Attorneys General in support of the National Rifle Association's bill to nationalize concealed carry of handguns suggests that, for those public officials, pandering to the gun lobby is far more important than doing the job they were sworn to perform.
Over the past two years, it was the investigations opened by state attorneys general that pushed the federal government toward
At this time, when the public perception of lawyers is understandably at an all-time low, the not-for-profit Lawyers to the Rescue has identified several South Florida lawyers who have set a new standard for their commitment to public service.
We deserve a good faith effort on behalf of the banks to make their victims, the American people, whole again. As it stands, the proposed settlement does none of these things.
Miller, in coordination with the Obama administration, is trying to strike a $25 billion settlement that would reform the
"The grand jury found probable cause that there was a robo-signing scheme which resulted in the filing of tens of thousands
According to news reports of a possible settlement between the parties, banks would pay around $20-25 billion in return for
When progressive activism achieves meaningful results and scores a win over Wall Street banks, there's nothing wrong with taking a little victory lap.
"We all agree that banks have behaved abominably and they must be held accountable. It's my strong belief that the multi