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It works like this: No state should permit private probation companies without clear rules guiding their behavior. Legislatures
More and more states are now contending with budgetary shortfalls. Why is it that state governments find it so hard to live within their means?
If I had a dollar for every time one of my Republican colleagues have said, "federal money is not free money," I think I would be able to single-handily help reduce the national debt
Steep Tax Cuts Endanger School Funding, in Kansas and Elsewhere Georgia Considers Misguided Tax Cuts West Virginia's shortfall
We must see these realities clearly. There is still time to restore at least a measure of life-saving services that will
In a room of college and university presidents recently, there was only one topic: what would the impact of Illinois' failed
Illinois's former Governor Edgar had it right months ago. Edgar characterized current Governor Rauner's refusal to negotiate a budget until he wins concessions on his ideological policy agenda as "hostage taking."
Pope Francis's visit to a Philadelphia prison this weekend will serve as a reminder of the heavy cost of today's high incarceration levels for families, neighborhoods and states.
Federal Medicaid funding -- which makes up close to half of federal aid to states -- will rise in coming years, partly due to health reform's coverage expansions. But federal support for most other state and local activities will likely continue shrinking.
On Monday I heard from Illinoisans who are struggling to make ends meet. They work hard every day, but Governor Bruce Rauner's ruthless budget policies are making their lives even harder. As the Governor holds the budget hostage, Illinoisans are paying the price.