state courts

That really doesn't reflect America, as a new report points out.
He added that while it was "presumptuous" to assume Democrats would have blocked Hoens' nomination, she would have had difficulty
After the 2010 Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision, the Realtors association began charging its members a $1 fee
Senate Democrats rejected Harris following an almost five-hour hearing, raising concerns about his lack of trial experience
Harris and partners at his old law firm of Riker Danzig said he did not become a partner there because the firm decided against
Tuesday's ruling made MBIA's path to recouping its losses a little bit easier. Bank of America struggled throughout 2011
Minimum ages for state judges vary nationwide, with many starting at 18 but requiring a certain length of time as a member
Court delays don't just hit individuals. Businesses have also been frustrated by delays, which force them to spend more money