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State and local governments as a whole have kept spending growth in line with revenues growth and so have contained the flow of red ink. This is good news, even with all the caveats. There are, however, longer-term concerns.
State governments are seeing signs of recovery, but continue to face an uncertain economic future, according to a new report released Thursday.
“We are seeing moderate improvement," Scott Pattison, the NASBO executive director, said on a conference call with reporters
WASHINGTON -- Calling for an end to "uncertainty" from the federal government, along with greater flexibility for state governments
"This is the reason we think many state proposals that have not gotten traction in the past will be heard," ITEP executive
"In the meantime you can expect sales tax to continue to decline," he said. The fall 2012 version of the Fiscal Survey of
There will be two big stars at the Republican National Convention, and neither of them will be Mitt Romney. One will, of
The NCSL also found that Medicaid remains a concern for state leaders, echoing both the State Budget Crisis Task Force and
Ravitch and Volcker also recommended that federal and state officials work together on Medicaid and health care costs. States
CSP II, Colorado's newest solitary confinement prison, cost several hundred million dollars. We've used a small part for one year and are about to mothball it. It will likely never again be used for any purpose.
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has announced that all she wants for Valentine's Day is to burn a mortgage. Brewer said in her
Alabama, New Jersey, California and D.C. are the most recent states to move their presidential primary date to coincide with
Crippen said the report indicates that Medicaid remains the only area of state funding to see spending growth in the past
New reports indicate that both Alabama and New York have seen revenue drops in recent years, while one state reports a jump
"Governors are supportive of incentive auctions as a means to raise revenue and provide opportunities to create the next
It will soon take hours to pay a traffic ticket in San Francisco, months to get court records and at least a year and a half
"No proof, no money" is the rule for social services in Colorado. That rule is what I am hoping the legislature will apply to tax credits and other tax incentives.