state gun laws

A new study finds that states with stricter regulations on firearms see a lower rate of shooting deaths.
The so-called "nullification" movement isn't entirely new, but it has taken off since President Barack Obama was elected
The study found a similar correlation between gun ownership and gun deaths in the rest of the country. Louisiana, Alabama
So far this year, at least 19 state legislatures have introduced bills to allow concealed carry on campus in some capacity
The NRA and its "corporate partners" in the gun industry have opposed and blocked even the smallest steps forward to regulate firearms. This kind of obstruction has consequences for real people: families left bereft, communities devastated.
More than two centuries ago, the founders assembled a system of government as complex, but elegant, as an 18th-century clock
Kansas may join at least 11 other states in allowing some civilians to carry guns inside the state Capitol, a move that not
"The regulation of intrastate commerce is vested in the states," the Michigan bill reads. "Congress has not expressly preempted
On Friday, the Virginia Senate's Republican-led judicial committee rejected bills banning assault weapons and high-capacity
Democratic members of the Iowa House of Representatives staged a walkout Wednesday morning in protest over what they say