state income tax

"(T)he point -- the entire purpose -- of the proposal is to raise and spend more money. Graduated rates would make it far
If your retirement is not far off, you've probably already started to estimate what your living expenses will be after the regular paychecks stop. Don't forget to factor in taxes, which can have a substantial impact on your cost of living.
Florida, which also has no state income tax, provides the other side of Norquist's bracket -- the University of Florida and
The report, from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, found that between 2002 and 2011, the economies of the nine
Back when people from my parents' generation were first planning their lives together, most married couples looked forward to working hard for a few decades, raising a family and then retiring together while they still had enough money and energy to travel.
Pulling the tax debate outside the beltway, Republicans are pushing to start taxing spending instead of income. Critics say that's unfair.
OMAHA, Jan 15 (Reuters) - Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman on Tuesday became the second Republican governor in the last week
A similar plan is being pushed by Republicans in North Carolina. Kansas, which cut its income tax significantly last year
Over the past decade, household incomes fell by a much higher percentage in the low-tax states than the high-tax ones -- so
But before you rush to move to a state with little or no income taxes, remember that higher taxes pay for more services, such
Facebook's recent decision to go public may be a boon for the company in more ways than one. That's projected to bring in
Much of the benefit would flow to large corporations and to investment funds. The small-business employers that the governor claims to be targeting generate only 28 percent of all pass-through income.
In 1986, about 24 percent of corporations were what's known as nontaxable businesses -- meaning the companies themselves
Wouldn't it be nice if, after decades of hard work, scrimping and saving, you could retire and no longer have to worry about paying taxes? But that's about as likely as the Cubs winning the World Series.
It's a bit complicated, because most of Illinois's neighbors have progressive taxes -- like the federal income tax, they