state legislatures

Hundreds of races in state legislatures that have fueled the GOP's hard-right turn could determine the future of abortion rights — and U.S. democracy itself.
A new independent redistricting commission erased a GOP gerrymander, fueling Democratic optimism that they can flip one — and maybe both — state legislative chambers.
Congressional district maps drawn by state courts will remain in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.
More than 120 bills would limit the rights of transgender youths. Here's how parents and therapists are explaining the legislation — and the culture wars — to trans kids.
More than 30 states have introduced laws that include banning trans kids from school sports and criminalizing parents for providing gender-affirming medical care.
And the legislation is more extreme than ever, activists warn.
The Trump presidency is over. But Trumpism is alive and well in state legislatures, which will serve as an incubator for GOP radicalism over the next four years.
A bill intended to have a chilling effect threatens seven years in prison for protesters and up to $100,000 in fines for groups supporting them.
Party leaders were ready to fight back at their first post-election mass gathering.