state legislatures

Party leaders were ready to fight back at their first post-election mass gathering.
Well, truth be told, Trump's right, the way we choose our president is in fact rigged against democracy.
These attacks have an immense effect on some populations more than others, including students, the elderly, people of color
As important as presidential and congressional races are to a working families' agenda, it is often the statehouses and the mayor's offices that can make the quickest change.
State legislative sessions around the country are coming to an end. Thankfully, I should add. Many state legislatures have
Luckily, we can do something. We can show Republicans that we reject their obstructionism and unwillingness to work across the aisle by voting them out and voting in Democrats that get it.
Rule 4: Don't get discouraged Legislation typically moves forward at a glacial pace. Cynicism is your greatest enemy, but
While attention is focused on one battleground state after another to see which political juggernauts will end up at the presidential ballot box, significant change is making its way through city and state legislatures in Oregon.
Just last week, a large survey of citizens asserted loudly their dislike of the rampant incivility in our nation. NICD heard them - loud and clear. And I am deeply proud that several of our key programs, which are growing daily, are exactly the actions needed to turn the tide on incivility.
The vast majority of gun shootings are done with a handgun, not at a school and not by people with a mental illness. Yet, we try to reduce access to assault rifles, spend a disproportionate about of time on school safety (disproportionate, not ill spent) and focus on mental illness as a reason for a shooting. Each of these are important and should be addressed, but we are missing the point and not going to reduce most of the gun violence in America by focusing on these three things.
For 2016, states need to resolve to do better. To some degree, NAMI's report provides a road map for action. Beyond budget trends, it surveys legislation by topic and marks with gold starts those that NAMI considers notable, capable of serving as models for other states.
Progressives need to build the infrastructure and the foundation at the state level to lay the groundwork for policy wins -- now is the time to dig deeper into the states. We must make progress now and over the long-term to help families make ends meet.