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Colorado Governor Says Secession Attempts Only Make Colorado Stronger
Although the majority of the sparsely-populated counties in Colorado's northeast and northwest corners rejected the 51st
"This is a wacky media stunt by right-wing operatives," Salzman criticizes, "who mostly live in sparsely populated corners
But Witwer said he feels there are a number of logistical issues, namely water rights, that pose too many difficulties to
"When I think of Colorado it means all of our diverse communities and people," Hickenlooper added. "I can't imagine Colorado
Actually, this is a wacky media stunt by right-wing operatives, who mostly live in sparsely populated corners of the state. They've got no shot at succeeding or seceding.
"I think all that it would do would be to give additional ammunition to the late-night comics who have put us out there," said
"It's not really a burning issue," Hudler said. Sellers said she does feel the past few years have worsened urban-rural tensions
Distributed by MCT Information Services "About 75 percent of the population lives in Weld County," he said of the proposed
Weld commissioners met earlier this week with eight northeastern Colorado counties, including Morgan, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips