state parks

While many national parks have been forced to close, there are great state-run alternatives.
For many Americans, state parks provide the easiest and least expensive way to connect with nature.
The guide says the pictograph is one thousand years old, give or take one hundred. "You can't use carbon dating, because the paints are mineral based and not vegetable."
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Though often remote, the Appalachian Trail was a route like any other. Ordinary roads ran near it and intersected it as it wound its way around towns, over rivers and across forested valleys. What was to stop me from tracking the trail by . . . car?
Big-time fun. Small-city charm. Whichever you choose, reserve early. And keep an eye out for falling fish.
9. Giant City State Park (Makanda) Dixon Springs State Park is one of several state parks in the Illinois Shawnee Hills. The
Across the U.S., there are more than 5,000 state parks and recreation areas.
Our parks need more public investment, not private interests looking for their own return on investment.
Today, Atalaya hosts an annual arts festival in September, drawing fine artisans and aficionados from around the country. Here, we take a fresh look at the estate with more photos from our feature story.
Building and maintaining a strong constituency for protected areas is essential if wildlife and wild places are going to be conserved. This requires honesty when considering the benefits and costs of protected areas, an inclusive approach to decision making, and a willingness by those who benefit from the taking of natural resources to compensate those whose lives are diminished.
From Arch Rock and Natural Bridges to the 27-mile long Oregon Coast Trail, a visit will take you through 300-year-old sitka spruce trees and lush forests.
Cool temperatures, colorful foliage and a spooky atmosphere can only mean one thing: fall has come to Illinois. There is arguably no better place to fully appreciate and witness this metamorphosis than in Illinois' scenic state parks.
5. The Skyline New York City is a great place to live and work, and I'm happy to have long called it home. Here are a few