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Will the Golden State soon be gone? It sounds like California dreaming, but voters will now have to choose whether to split their state into three.
265-pound wrestler Curtis Wylde is going from the ring to the political arena. A member of the Missouri DNC, he’s working to reinvigorate the Democrat party by firing up its grassroots.
Employers need to start paying for what the position is worth to the company, not based on the salary history of their prospective hire.
In the tranquility of the Cleveland Botanical Gardens on Wednesday, Paul Ryan stressed the need to coordinate and strengthen the Republican party on the federal, state, and local levels. His audience? A bevy of state legislative leaders rubbing elbows with industry interests.
How to help? Unfortunately, neither SB 426 or HB 11 appears to be going anywhere anytime soon. The prior bill has not made
Without real legislative remedies for pay equity, the pace of change has been glacial. Just how long will it be until we
Interest rates for SELF Refi loans range from 3% to 4.35% on variable-rate loans (which are likely to increase as the Federal
The power of the nation-state is in free fall. The new balance of power is not written in the stars but in the history books.
"It was an incredibly difficult choice, but one that I feel confident about."
Undocumented students across Pennsylvania might have a chance of benefiting from in-state tuition at state colleges and universities.
Many opponents to expanding education to DREAM-ers argue that tax-payers pay for aid programs, and only children from tax-paying families should have access to these programs. But this argument is extremely misguiding.
Nearly every state is grappling with how to pay for road and bridge repairs, which might mean hikes in gasoline, sales or
"Art Pope has been an invaluable public servant for the people of North Carolina," McCrory said in a statement. "His knowledge
The paper said another woman accused him of harassing her on the airplane flight back to Wisconsin on Thursday. The Republican
By his third year as chairman of the Alabama Republican organization, Mike Hubbard believed his party had just about everything
As students settle back into their routines, voters across the country prepare to head to the polls. This year, there's a common theme popping up across the country that's of vital importance: the value of expanding Pre-K.
Most of today's governors came in to office standing on a platform full of nice-sounding school reform, but only a very few have delivered anything worth talking about.
For the first time since Reconstruction, North Carolina has a General Assembly and governorship controlled by the extreme factions of the Republican Party, and their legislative super majority means their power is unchecked. It's as if the Tea Party created its own playground of extremist fantasies.
Kasich's office did not respond to the paper's request for comment about the Elmaraghy situation. Ohio state Rep. Debbie