State University of New York

“Waiting for Superman” (2010) was a propaganda movie promoting charter schools. I call this blog “Waiting for Evidence,” because
Politically influential charter school operators in the State of New York are on the verge of pushing through an administrative
Success Academy charter school network CEO Eva Moskowitz called a press conference last week to claim success. According
Eva “New York City Charter Queen” Moskowitz likes to use the race card against opponents claiming charter school advocates
In Florida, the Miami Herald calls state ethics laws a “joke” for “failing to protect Floridians from legislators who profit
Charter school advocates claim to support higher standards and provide better education than traditional public schools. But
The State University of New York (SUNY)―the largest university in the United States, with nearly 600,000 students located
Critics say this won't change much for those who need help the most.
The major argument for free public college and university education is the same as for free public education in general: like the free public elementary, middle, and high schools already existing in the United States, free public higher education provides educational opportunity for all.
For several decades, state and local governments have been showering private businesses with tax breaks and direct subsidies based on the theory that this practice fosters economic development and, therefore, job growth. But does it?
SUNY -- 64 higher education campuses with nearly half a million students -- is the largest university system in the United States. Therefore, when university administrators join the state's governor in turning SUNY into a loyal servant of big business, that fact has significant ramifications.
Hofstra University administrators recently received access to closed online edTPA material with sample teaching videos in different subject areas, but these were also unevaluated so again I could only guess at how they were rated.