The beef industry has a bone to pick with policies that support vegan school lunches.
Hundreds of children have been removed from their opioid-addicted parents.
Should other police departments in the country do the same?
Just this year, at least 10 states have introduced new soil management policies.
"I expect the farm crisis to deepen."
Experts say it’s most effective to intervene before the age of 5.
“We have given marijuana the status of medicine with none of the standards.”
“We don’t think it’s constructive to get into the causes of sea level rise. But we see flooding issues, and we’re addressing it.”
"The last time that people thought Roe was in this kind of jeopardy was the early 1990s."
New democratic majorities lead to a rush of bills — and conflict.
“We’re not trying to scare them. We just want to save a few lives.”
Angry conservatives are pushing for recall elections to yank Democrats out of office.
Next year, Democrats in two states can caucus using their phones.
Prejudice, not medical science, is driving some states to limit or deny Medicaid payments for gender assignment and other procedures.
A survey last year showed that two-thirds of millennials in the U.S. were not familiar with Auschwitz.
By Tim Henderson If the Trump administration follows through on its threat to deport thousands of immigrants living in the
Federal authorities and social scientists struggle to create effective messages to inform and compel people to take action.
A North Carolina group home says federal law could hurt foster kids with nowhere else to go.