states rights

The conservative attorney took apart the president's incorrect claim that he has total authority over state governors.
The Fox Business host noted the criticism goes against the Constitution and the president's own previous stance.
How does our failure to teach about slavery’s brutal legacy affect our ability to solve the issues facing our country today?
Justices heard arguments in a case that could allow states to legalize sports betting -- and affect immigration, gun control and other issues, too.
We are witnessing the spread of a progressive form of federalism under a GOP-led government.
The attorney general wants the feds to dictate immigration and weed policy, but states to dictate on transgender discrimination. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
An unexpected twist in one of the country's oldest constitutional debates.
As for Trump's threats to withhold funding from cities failing to enforce immigration laws, the legal doctrine on his side
Law enforcement personnel at all levels work for us. They are directly responsible to our elected and appointed GOVERNMENT
The effects of the post-2010 redistricting have been dramatic. Until 2010 Ohio Congressional districts were roughly evenly