statutory rape

The defendants, which include Jacksonville State University students, are accused of having sexual relations with two girls between the ages of 13 and 15.
Joseph Meili's plea agreement removed kidnapping and statutory rape charges.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences kicked out the director, along with Bill Cosby, last year.
“Was the gunman at Pulse Orlando gay?” I haven’t heard someone generate so much speculation about their sexual orientation
As a sexual assault survivor myself and the mother of a middle school aged son, I am aghast at the way that we are treating young men who are the victims of sexual assault.
It may be time to rethink sexting laws as they apply to teens, when it is punished far more harshly than the actual sex acts may be.
Sometimes teen romance can be downright dangerous. Early relationships can be traps for young people, spoiling months or years of their lives and setting the pattern for future coupling.
The parents of the teen contacted police in January after believing the two were having an inappropriate relationship. Police
"It's not about that," said Webb. "The money will not recover his reputation. His reputation is ruined and that's what he's