Vandals could face up to six years in prison for defacing the Trollpikken.
MRI of my soul at JFK The town is pleasant, with an early 19th century quarter of white wooden houses that survived a massive
Now celebrating its 15th year, the mid-sized fjord-facing city of Stavanger has played host to a selection of international and local artists directly or indirectly related to the evolving scene we know as street art.
Disney continues to ride "Frozen's" wave of popularity, and, most recently, Disney Cruise Line completed its first "Frozen" cruise of Norway.
As if to drive the point home, New York street and multimedia artist John Fekner, who created hundreds of environmental, social
"For his first visit to Montreal, the Belgian Street Artist named ROA says that he had a great time creating this 'still
AIKO's walls and Martha Cooper's portrait of her in a perfect collaboration. (photo © Martha Cooper) Even the minister of
<<>>><><<>BSA<<>>><<<>><>>><><<>BSA<<>>><<<>><> On old factory buildings, bricked stairways, in labyrinthine tunnels, and
Street Artist Lucy McLauchlan from Birmingham England completes her mural on a small tower that is iconic to this seaside
Looking to break down the barriers between the worlds of elite academia and community-based art, the NHH Norwegian School