Vandals could face up to six years in prison for defacing the Trollpikken.
Its green steepled cathedral tops a hillock, with the harbour on one side and a pretty park with a swan-filled lake on the
Now celebrating its 15th year, the mid-sized fjord-facing city of Stavanger has played host to a selection of international and local artists directly or indirectly related to the evolving scene we know as street art.
Disney continues to ride "Frozen's" wave of popularity, and, most recently, Disney Cruise Line completed its first "Frozen" cruise of Norway.
"Obviously the story of the Nazis is very dramatic and heavy, and Facebook is only social media, but for me if it is not
ROA. Lagos, Portugal 2013. (photo © Roa) ROA. "Fighting Squirrels", Southbank, London 2013. (photo © Roa) See our TUMBLR
Martin Whatson (photo © Martha Cooper) Even the minister of culture stopped by for a tour on Thursday, which shows how far
LA's Saber at work. (photo © Ian Cox) Niels Shoe Muelman working on his indoor installation. (photo © Ian Cox) How Nosm (photo
For Nuart 2011 eleven artists from seven countries worked to create installations, including an indoor exhibition in a complex
Looking to break down the barriers between the worlds of elite academia and community-based art, the NHH Norwegian School
As the humidity creeps up and the air thickens, I can't help but think about the time I spent in Norway last month. For those looking for a different kind of vacation this summer, it makes sense to go north.
While many of the antecedents of our modern Street Art movement can be traced to the 1960's, the last 10 years have provided