"You gotta get a gimmick," sang the strippers in "Gypsy," and it's a good philosophy in a business as traditional as that
The bad news is that, yes, the Waldorf-Astoria, which opened during the Depression in 1931, will close next year for a three-year conversion of three-quarters of its rooms into luxury condos--just what NYC needs!--thanks to its owner, Chinese holding company Anbang Insurance Group Co., which purchased the hotel from Hilton's parent group in 2015 for a record $1.95 billion. The rest of the rooms will be upgraded to luxury suites.
The East Side townhouse that is home to Bill's dates back to 1924 as a speakeasy, when food was not on most patrons' minds
Reserve Cut clearly draws a large number of Jews of different ethnic cultures for whom everything on the menu is kosher enough, including wine, as approved by a Rabbi; that means dairy products may never be mixed with meat in any way and no shellfish may be served. Beyond that, the non-Jew need be no further concerned dining at Reserve Cut.
Pappas Bros.; Dallas, Texas Archie's Wayside; Le Mars, Iowa Cattlemen's Steakhouse; Oklahoma City Whether you're eating filet
So if you want to eat a raw steak, make sure you are at a very high-end steakhouse. Then try your hand at ordering your steak
Ken Irvine, owner/executive chef at Bleu Bohème San Diego, CA Overrated: Grass-fed beef "Any type of grass-fed beef is overrated
A quick count of new, high-end steakhouses to open in Manhattan just in the past eighteen months comes to 16, added to the
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If you want to dine at these temples to dry-aged steaks, you're going to have to shell out some big bucks.
A Colombian Feast: The most innovative dining adventure in Miami is the culinary experience at El Ceilo, the brainchild of
To paraphrase the refrain from the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby," all the happy people, where do they all come from? If you
Love a good steak? Then these shrines to meat should be on your list. We're lucky enough to live in a country that has more varieties of steakhouses (and restaurants in general) than previous generations could have ever imagined.
Hours of operation: Mon.‑Sat. daily for lunch and dinner. Sunday for private parties only. ROCCO STEAKHOUSE 72 Madison Avenue
The most romantic view of NYC in NYC is from the Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller Center. But the ones that movie makers--not
The perfect steak: It's a simple yet elusive goal that some grill masters devote a lifetime to achieving. However, at these meccas of meat, expertly cooked cuts are within easy reach -- lovingly prepared with a minimum of ingredients.
The menu is not dissimilar to the majority of the steakhouses in NYC, except that Costata's pastas are among the very best in the city, as they would be anywhere.
They jam the place for four seatings (two for lunch and two for dinner) every day. It's a long room with communal tables under a medieval barrel vault. In the back, like the engine of a steam train, a fire roars behind a huge hunk of cow lying flat as if on a gurney.